Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
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Evidence synthesis

Evidence synthesis
A restatement of the natural science evidence base concerning grassland management, grazing livestock and soil carbon storage
Published:24 January 2024Article ID:20232669


Research articles
Anti-predator defences are linked with high levels of genetic differentiation in frogs
Published:24 January 2024Article ID:20232292

Research articles
Spider dung beetles: coordinated cooperative transport without a predefined destination
Published:17 January 2024Article ID:20232621

Research articles
Who innovates? Abundance of novel and familiar food changes which animals are most persistent
Published:17 January 2024Article ID:20231936

Research articles
Seeking temporal refugia to heat stress: increasing nocturnal activity despite predation risk
Published:17 January 2024Article ID:20231587

Development and physiology

Research articles
Oxygen extraction efficiency of the tidally-ventilated rectal gills of dragonfly nymphs
Published:24 January 2024Article ID:20231699

Research articles
Investigating trade-offs between ovary activation and immune protein expression in bumble bee (Bombus impatiens) workers and queens
Published:24 January 2024Article ID:20232463


Research articles
Rare edges and abundant cores: range-wide variation in abundance in North American birds
Published:31 January 2024Article ID:20231760

Research articles
Mosquito thermal tolerance is remarkably constrained across a large climatic range
Published:24 January 2024Article ID:20232457

Research articles
Spatial variation in avian bill size is associated with temperature extremes in a major radiation of Australian passerines
Published:24 January 2024Article ID:20232480

Research articles
Cranes soar on thermal updrafts behind cold fronts as they migrate across the sea
Published:17 January 2024Article ID:20231243

Research articles
Extreme heat reduces host and parasite performance in a butterfly–parasite interaction
Published:17 January 2024Article ID:20232305

Research articles
Anisotropic interaction and motion states of locusts in a hopper band
Published:17 January 2024Article ID:20232121


Research articles
Quantitative functional imaging of the pigeon brain: implications for the evolution of avian powered flight
Published:31 January 2024Article ID:20232172

Research articles
Rapid divergent evolution of internal female genitalia and the coevolution of male genital morphology revealed by micro-computed tomography
Published:31 January 2024Article ID:20232883

Research articles
Musculoskeletal morphogenesis supports the convergent evolution of bat laryngeal echolocation
Published:31 January 2024Article ID:20232196

Research articles
The causes of species richness patterns among clades
Published:24 January 2024Article ID:20232436

Research articles
A reformulation of Fisher's runaway identifies the heritability of mate choices as a key parameter and highlights limitations of the hypothesis
Published:24 January 2024Article ID:20232366

Research articles
The origins and diversification of Holarctic brown bear populations inferred from genomes of past and present populations
Published:24 January 2024Article ID:20232411

Research articles
My host’s enemy is my enemy: plasmids carrying CRISPR-Cas as a defence against phages
Published:24 January 2024Article ID:20232449

Research articles
The role of recombination dynamics in shaping signatures of direct and indirect selection across the Ficedula flycatcher genome
Published:17 January 2024Article ID:20232382

Genetics and genomics

Research articles
Highly resolved genome assembly and comparative transcriptome profiling reveal genes related to developmental stages of tapeworm Ligula intestinalis
Published:31 January 2024Article ID:20232563

Global change and conservation

Research articles
Ecological generalism and physiology mediate fish biogeographic ranges under ocean warming
Published:31 January 2024Article ID:20232206

Research articles
Environmental drivers of Arctic communities based on metabarcoding of marine sediment eDNA
Published:24 January 2024Article ID:20231614

Research articles
Cold adaptation does not handicap warm tolerance in the most abundant Arctic seabird
Published:17 January 2024Article ID:20231887

Research articles
Cool-edge populations of the kelp Ecklonia radiata under global ocean change scenarios: strong sensitivity to ocean warming but little effect of ocean acidification
Published:17 January 2024Article ID:20232253

Neuroscience and cognition

Research articles
Active self-touch restores bodily proprioceptive spatial awareness following disruption by ‘rubber hand illusion'
Published:17 January 2024Article ID:20231753

Research articles
Females smell differently: characteristics and significance of the most common olfactory sensilla of female silkmoths
Published:17 January 2024Article ID:20232578


Research articles
The coevolution of rostral keratin and tooth distribution in dinosaurs
Published:17 January 2024Article ID:20231713