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Proceedings of the Royal Society B publishes the following article types: research, reviews, invited perspectives, commentaries, evidence syntheses, and comments and invited replies. The journal also periodically publishes short collections of papers devoted to a specific topic. Browse the current selection on the Special Features page .

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Articles in this journal become free 1 year after publication. They enter the subscription paywall again between 11 and 70 years, after which they enter our free digital archive.

Proceedings of the Royal Society B also publishes open access articles, which are denoted by an open padlock symbol.


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Open data

The Royal Society is committed to advancing science through the support of open data. It is a condition of publication that all raw data to support the conclusions made in the paper are deposited in a public repository, or available to readers in the supplementary material. Open data maximises the transparency and reproducibility of the work as well as fostering innovation across all areas of science. As a reader, if you are unable to gain access to the data you require, please feel free to contact the editorial office.

Dealing with misconduct and complaints

The Society is committed to promoting the highest standard of ethical publication. Allegations of misconduct will be investigated fully, as outlined in  our policies, and per the relevant Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines. Concerns about individual articles or complaints against a journal, its staff, editorial board or publisher should be directed to the editorial office or to, and not to members of the Editorial Board.

Concerns regarding articles published in Proceedings B will be handled by the editorial office and the Editor-in-Chief. Other members of the Editorial Board will be consulted as necessary. Outcomes will communicated by the journal editorial office to the reader(s) who raised them.

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