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A Royal Society journal focused on the rapid publication of short high quality research articles, reviews and opinion pieces across the biological sciences. This is a Plan S compliant Transformative Journal.
<p>“Dwarf species of Petrogale rock-wallabies have skulls better shaped for harder biting to compensate for their small size.” Photo credit: nabarlek (<i>Petrogaleconcinna</i>), Ian Morris. See the article “Functionally mediated cranial allometry evidenced in a genus of rock-wallabies” by Rex Mitchell <i>et al.</i>, published in <i>Biol.Lett</i>. (<a href=""></a>).</p>

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Biology Letters

Launched in 2005 in response to the need from the community for short and rapid communications, Biology Letters is an online, peer-reviewed Royal Society journal that publishes short, high-quality articles, reviews and opinion pieces. The scope of Biology Letters is vast — publishing high-quality research in any area of the biological sciences.

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